Party Packages
Glitter Party Package
         Perfect for ALL ages,  the Glitter Party begins with the enchantment of  the Fairy Godmother's  "SPECIAL INTRODUCTION"  the moment she steps through the door!!  Her entry  brings  a  HUGE flattering Ego Boost for the  Birthday Child,  pockets  over flowing with elven silliness!,  a  magical GIFT from the ELVES  "just" for the Birthday child plus another magical gift involving ALL the children!    (Time span 15 minutes)    
            After the "Special Introduction", the Glitter Party continues with .....
        *Balloon Animals*  for each child (sprinkled with silliness to keep all the children giggling!  (Time span average 2 min per child)

         *Puppetry"  (Also known as our  "Squeel and Giggle" time!)   The Fairy Godmother's wonderful BIG BAG of GOOFY PUPPET FRIENDS are SUCH a delight and highlight, children absoutely can NOT get ENOUGH!  Children love helping Thomas the Scardy Cat over come his shyness, and squeel with delight when Skipper the Chipmonk gets excited and tries to "climb"  them , or Myrtle the Turtle's  bad eyesight  mistakes their fingers for "worms", or sometimes if they are really brave, they might get to meet Danny the Dinosaur...just to name a quick few... (Time span "flexable" depending on the amount of  time alloted with number of children)

            *Beautiful Individual GLITTER PAINTINGS"      ALL ages  from toddlers to teens (and yes even adults!) absolutely  LOVE  the (waterbased/washable) GLITTER PAINTINGS  the Fairy Godmother creates uniquely for each child!  From mermaids to unicorns, race cars to fire-breathing dragons, , Spiderman to Spongebob, you name it!   As an artist, the Fairy Godmother can do it all!!   (And  if your child has  a special request?...simply pull up a pic on your phone and  no problem!! ) 
*** AND the "Glitter Painting time"  ALSO works as  a PERFECT time to have  BIRTHDAY CAKE if you choose!!  (Please see Q & A) ***    Average Time span- *Varied*   (for example) a glitter mermaid takes approx 2 1/2 min but a fire breathing dragon or unusual request may take  3-5  min.  per child 

         Lastly in the Glitter Party....the magical persentation of a Fairy Godmother magic ring for each child.   (designed to not only boost little confidence levels but perk little imaginations, and wrapped in a spectacular display of magic!   (10 min) 
         * Posed GROUP  Photos *

  Average time  (3-5 min)  
        AND!!!  the GLITTER BIRTHDAY PARTY is  FLEXIBLE !!! and can be easily TAYLORED to suit YOUR  specific needs in order to accomodate  larger amounts of children in shorter time frames!   
          !!! As EVERY Birthday Party  is UNIQUELY special 
****  ALL Birthday Party Bookings  require
                      (336) 574 3775   (9 am - 7 pm) 

You can also ADD the magic of a Treasure Hunt to any  birthday party for an incredible highlight that you child will never forget!    

​​A Fairy Godmother Birthday Party is always Fully Contained so that  a parent does not  lift a finger!   

Glitter Party Package
$150.00 / 1 1/2 Hours (10 children)
$35 Each additional half hour
Special Introduction
Magic Gift from Elves
Balloon Animals
Glitter Paintings
Magical presentation of Fairy Godmother Magic Rings for each child

**Travel Fee applys to all areas outside the Greensboro NC City Limits**
details under Q&A

Magic Party Package
     After the Fairy Godmother's *SPECIAL INTRODUCTION", pockets of Elf pranks, and magical gifts , the Birthday Child is called upon to use his or her magic and the Fairygodmother's magic wand to make the  empty ' "Magic Idea Bag" suggest something fun and exciting!  Although   we never  know what fascination our "Magic Idea Bag"  might surprise us with as every time we go back to it, it's always empty again!   Perhaps a game called Slime Monster?.. (in which we "run out/ use up" some of our adreniline and involves silly string) or another game called Mystery Bag (in which the Fairy Godmother tries to trick the children but they always prove so smart they outsmart her!...., and boy do the kids get SUCH  a big kick out of pulling Mom or Dad into the  fun!)  .....perhaps a dazzeling bit of magic ...perhaps a "scary" puppet story (not really!)   ..perhaps  an Elf surprise where our lollipops vanish before our eyes!!  followed by another game called Scramble which involves LOTS  of candy!   (three guesses how that is played! lol) ...perhaps  Elsie the magic wishing cow?  ...but no matter what challenges or silliness the Magic Idea Bag holds,  the children absolutely always do SO beautifully and amazingly,  the Fairy Godmother simply LOVES rewarding EACH and EVERY child with a wonderful PRIZE  after each and every game, activity and magic trick!  And of course no Fairy Godmother Childrens Party would be complete wihout the fabulous magical presentation of Fairy Godmother MAGIC RINGS at the end of the party!   Hence  parents NEED NOT WORRY about ANY PRIZES or CANDY or  even GOODIE BAGS  as the Fairy Godmother provides it ALL!!   Parents can actually sit back and relax and ENJOY !    
   For older more active kids! (ages 5 and up)      Filled with GAMES, activities, Surprises, more MAGIC,  Lots of Fabulous PRIZES,  Lots of Candy and includes GOODIE BAGS.  the Magic Party is designed to give parents a break while still giving their child a birthday they will remember for for life!    

    Magic Party   
1 1/2 Hours (for 10 children) 
 for "big kids"  ages 5 and up+ 

 Special Introduction
Magic gift from Elves
Interactive Magic (variety)
Elf Surprises and Pranks
Games & Activities  (variety)
Prizes (kazoos, slide whistles, magic pads, maze puzzles, slide puzzles, trick rings, etc.)
Candy (lollipops, tootsie rolls, bubble gum,  hard candies, etc)
Multi-Colored Goodie Bags

​$185  for 10 Children 
$10 each additional child*

 (please see Q&A for recommended max party size) 
"In over 20 years of doing children's parties, only ONE thing has proven to be a consistant factor....and that is NO TWO parties are EVER the same!!  Each  party is as unique and individual as the children themselves"   
Which is why ALL parties require   verbal confirmation with the Fairy Godmother in order to book! 

Deluxe Party Package
        The Deluxe Birthday Party Package brings the best of BOTH magical worlds, combining all the  delightful laughter and silliness of the Glitter Party with ALL the wonderous thrills and excitement, gasps,  marvelous SURPRISES, MAGIC and fun GAMES,  plus PRIZES and CANDY in the  Magic Party!  
            In other words, after the Fairy Godmothers marvelous "Special Introduction", which is a huge ego boost for the birthday boy or girl,  gets ALL the children giggling right off the bat with her pockets filled with elven silliness, and special magical gift from the elves, (in which she calls upon the birthday child to help with her magic wand)  then another magical gift which involves all the children, and then squeel with delight with her  big bag of goofy puppet friends,  Balloon Animals and the special time of recieving individual time with the Fairy Godmother as she creates a  beautiful Glitter Painting for each child, (which is the perfect time to serve cake if you choose!)  plus  the very Special Magical Presentation of Magic Rings, but ALSO have the time of their lives when the Fairy Godmother plays multiple GAMES  with them all (such as Slime Monster, Mystery Bag, Dissappearing Lollipops, Candy Scramble, Elf surprises,  more dazzling magic, and of course, because they play everything so beautifully, and the Fairy Godmother is so PROUD of them, she literally fills the Goodie Bags (that she provides) with lots of wonderful PRIZES and CANDY!
           Although it's almost impossible to imagine such a PERFECT party being EVEN BETTER??... As a BONUS  for the Deluxe Birthday Party, you have the option of  a  FREE TREASURE HUNT in place of  balloon animals    
Average Deluxe Party time 2-2/1/2 hours....(but EVERY parent has said  "wow...would NEVER have believed 2 hours could zoom by SO FAST!!" 

                              (Yes we truly do have a ball!!!!)                             
      The best "Over All" description of the Deluxe Party comes from the children!  As the Fairy Godmother LOVES constantly hearing...   "Wow Mom!!...this was the BEST party EVER!!" 

-Which explains exactly why Fairy Godmother Children's Parties are the best and most unforgetably unique birthday celebration in the Triad! 

Recommended for Ages 5 & up
The Fairy Godmother guarnantees that a child who participates in the Deluxe Birthday Party can reach 70 years old and  FOREVER  warmly recall the incredible time when  their childhood was TRULY "Story Book magical"!!

Deluxe Birthday Party Package   (2 1/2 Hour) 
        $250 for 10 Children 
        $10/ Each Additional Child 
      *recommended maximum 15 children*  
        Deluxe Party includes: 
        Special Introduction 
        Magical Gifts from elves 
       Games/Activities (Variety) 
       Balloon Animal Sculpting 
       Interactive Magic Tricks (Variety) 
       Glitter Paintings 
       All Prizes *please see Magic Party*

       Lots of Candy  *again,  see Magic Party* 
       Goodie Bags 
       Special Presentation of Magic Fairy GodMother Rings 
Please see "Q & A" for more details on Special Introduction, and possible Cake serving time suggestion*

Bonus of free Treasure Hunt in place of balloon animals
As every Birthday Party is as UNIQUE and INIVIDUAL  as the children ?.....
**ALL Birthday Party bookings require
VERBAL Confirmation ***
​(336) 574 3775   9 am - 7 pm (mon-fri)
​***As the FairyGodmother is always in town for the week ends, she does occasionally travel during the week, but will return your call if not immediately?...then when out of town, within 24-48 hours***

Additional Options
    (Can be ADDED to  ANY party package, or as a free BONUS with the Deluxe Birthday Party Package ) 
Absolutely NOTHING is MORE EXCITING and thrilling  than when the Elves themselves  send the Birthday Child and friends on a search for TREASURE!!   
     When you talk to the Fairy Godmother, she will help you compile  a list of 10-15 common items around your home (that the Birthday child and friends are familiar with) ...for example : bathtub, fireplace, refridgerator, dryer, piano, oven, tread mill, TV, mailbox, swingset, soccer net, birdhouse,  etc, etc.....(as we want a list that ALL of the children can participate in and "figure" we may want to include a  few personal items that let the birthday child know he/she is "special" to the elves...  such as (for example) a favorite teddy bear? or  bedtime story book? or perhaps favorite pair of shoes, movie, game or even the family pets dinner bowl... and the Fairy Godmother  will create personalized  "clues"  for your party's  age group, as to be honest?...the true FUN of a treasure hunt comes from the children feeling SO SMART and PROUD of themselves when they are able to figure out the tricky "Elf clues" ALL ON THEIR OWN!!   **And little ones that don't read well yet simply squeel when they find their clue and run it back to the Fairy Godmother so it can be read out loud...although the Fairy Godmother is ALWAYS puzzled by them (and is an EXPERT at helping children figure things out for themselves!!) 
 What a Treasure Hunt involves.....

         After you've discussed your Treasure Hunt list  ( a minimum week prior to your party)   the Fairy Godmother will arrive and leave a plastic bag SITTING ON HER CAR  containing  ...
1) An envelope with the Elf Clues 
2) A list stating  where to place each clue 
3)  Treasure Box 
                (***you will want  to have scotch tape  on hand so clues STAY  where you put them*** and are not accidentally blown away, as a "lost clue" will throw off the entire trasure hunt***)        

      Once the birthday party is in full swing, it is VERY EASY  for a parent (or any adult) to slip out, retrieve the bag and follow the list to place the  clues *** generally only takes five minutes or less*** (And even if the clues are hidden in the SAME ROOM as the children,  they are usually not paying attention to anything  other than the Fairy Godmother!) 
          The Treasure Hunt always  occurs at  the END of the party which allows plenty of time for leisurely clue hiding.  
 (*Be sure clues are HIDDEN!!!!! enough (out of sight) so that a child does NOT see (discover) a clue accidentally before it's time!) 

          ***Note:  It's best to avoid delicate or breakable items for clues (as although your child may respect such, a "group" can be very excited.  Also clues should be specific items, as in you would not want to use "Pantry" as a clue, but rather a specific ITEM your child is familiar with  (such as Juice Boxes) in the pantry***   And be sure each clue is HIDDEN, as for example "Bath tub" would not want to place a clue directly on the outside of the tub, since any child using the bathroom would immediately see it and of course, grab ONE CLUE found out of sequence can throw off the entire treasure hunt.  

  Price: $40/ 10 children:  $3 each additional  child
Treasure Hunt Includes personalized clues, candy and prizes for all the children and an individually wrapped additional gift for the Birthday Child   ***Large Treasure Chest is not included since it belongs to the Elves***

Parental comment
The Fairy Godmother entertained at my youngest daughter's 5th Birthday party.  We had 15 boys and girls in attendance, and for ninety minutes, each one of those children were enthralled!  She truly had them "spellbound"!  I'ts now October and my daughter can't remember a single gift she received for her birthday, but she talks about "her" Fairy Godmother almost daily!!  This woman is a real gem!  She has given my daugher truly special memories that, I have no doubt,  will last her entire life! And as far as price?...I can tell you, having done everything else to death for my 12 year old, the Fairy Godmother is  the best deal in town and by far, provides the most "bang for the buck"!  (And young boys have as much fun at her parties as the girls! )  
          I will be forever grateful to the Fairy Godmother for adding her magical touch to this precious time in my daughter's life.  My family will cherish these memories forever!
-Donna Mast
Greensboro, NC
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