Other Goodies
The Fairy Godmother also custom creates  life size wooden party props that will make lasting memories for years to come and are solidly built to last as long.

Life Like Elephant (8 ft tall and 8 ft long).  HInged center &  includes attached collapsable hinged stands
Life size Horse
(8 ft X 7 ft tall)​
Hinged in center with reemovable velcro hair  $450.00
Glitter Pagoda
(8 ft tall x 8 ft wide)
Hinged in center, the white silk like fabrick allows "cut out figurines" to be placed in the windows and "back lit" for special affect $350
Light Up Las Vegas Sign
(4ft high X 8 ft long)  
Customized signs- reversable sign says "Its a Girl"   $250
Viva Lass Vegas- Perfect for poker or party nigjts- Lights up with changing lights and is made with glitter! Weighs less than 8 lbs $275
Glitter Spanish Dancers 
(8 ft tall and 4 ft wide)
All large standees' are custom made with hinged stand and sparkles under lights.  $325
Life Size Giraffe 
(12 ft tall X4 ft wide)  $450
Just like our life like Chinese Glitter Dragon (4ft high and 8 ft long) and Halloween decorations. 
Fog machine attaches for bursts of smoke! $350
Can meet your needs for any occassion!
The Fairy Godmother also hand makes such exciting party favors as 4ft tall foam cakes that can feature puppet shows from inside the hollow cake!

Fairy Godmother Float

Customized fantasy painting with raised and back lit frame. Birthday girls name on castle banner
36"x48" tall  $275
When it comes to something unique and durable and impossible to find?  The Fairy Godmother loves a challenge!  
Full Fantasy Wall Mural
14ftx8ft tall

Featuring castle with backlight stained glass windows, dragons den with 'gems', Backlight sunset with  glowing  stars and stained glass  owls eyes,  glow in the dark moon, 'secret tiny hinged elf door' hidden in tree  running unicorn and magic fairy stump- $1,599.99
Customized Movable Waterfalls
From your indoor to outdoor waterfeature needs-
Collapsable Water Fall  (9 ft tall, 12 ft wide at base)  Each stackable section weighs less than 50 lbs .  Base pool with Gold fish surrounded by sand. 
Can be contrtucted from real rock to lightweight synthetic materials.
This  Collapsable Waterfall was  constructed to be solid  for weight support,  yet each section is light enough to be easily moved /set up and transported  by only  two people.  
 From Happy Birthdays, to  50th Anniversarys, to carnival props to  wall murals...the sky is the limit! If  you've  ever wished for something uniquely special? Now you know who to call!