Party Packages
  1. Glitter Party Package
    Glitter Party The Fairy Godmother specifically designed ALL of her party packages to be fully contained so that a parent never need lift a finger! *Special Introduction* With pockets filled with suprises , The Fairy Godmothers enters with her glitter bags and suitcases and immediately enchants ALL the children into giggles of glee with her Special Introduction involving a magical gift from the elves (which is a huge flattering ego boost for the Birthday Child!) (*For greater details on the "Special Introduction" please see the "Consideration" Section) After the "Special Introduction" the Glitter Party begins with COLORFUL BALLOON ANIMALS for every child, sprinkled with a special dose of silliness! Followed by our "Squeel and Giggle" time! As the Fairy Godmother's wonderful BIG BAG of GOOFY PUPPET FRIENDS are SO delightful and such a highlight, children absoutely can NOT get ENOUGH! As the Puppets are such a highlight, only something SUPER special can possibly top the puppets, which fortunately the Fairy Godmother's Marvelous Make Believe Box easily does! ALL ages, from toddlers to teens, absolutely adore the beautiful (waterbased/washable) GLITTER PAINTINGS the Fairy Godmother creates uniquely for each child. From mermaids to unicorns, race cars to fire-breathing dragons, Princess's to puppy dogs, Spiderman to an artist the Fairy Godmother can do it all! (*during the Glitter Paintings is the perfect time for cake if you wish! please see "Considerations" for possible Cake Serving Suggestion* Then last but not least in the Glitter Party, the Fairy Godmother has a very special gift for all the children, ...their very own MAGIC FAIRY GODMOTHER RING. This delightful and magical presentation was designed to not only perk little imaginations, but boost little confidence levels as well! The Glitter Party is also FLEXIBLE enough to easily accomodate larger amounts of children. (*Please see Considerations for "Rule of Thumb" time-table for "tayloring" your Glitter Party to suit your specific needs!*) Glitter Party Package $120 per Hour $35 each additional half hour Includes: Special Introduction Magic Gift from Elves Balloon Animals Puppetry Glitter Paintings Magic Fairy Godmother Rings
    Glitter Party Package
  2. Magic Party Package
    Magic Party (1 1/2 Hour) Filled with GAMES, More Magic, Candy, Fabulous Prizes, Lots of Surprises and thrilling excitement and Activities, even Goodie Bags , the Magic Party is designed for "Big Kids" ages 5-10 and up. After the Fairy Godmother's *SECIAL INTRODUCTION" the "Magic Idea Bag" is called upon to surprise us with something fun and exciting! And in between each of the Games (such as Slime Monster) and Activity (such as Mystery Bag) and Magic Tricks (such Disappearing Lollipops, or creating a magical gift for the birthday child or Elsie the Magic wishing cow) and Candy Game (called Scramble) and Puppet Story, the children always do SO WELL the Fairy Godmother LOVES rewarding everyone with lots of PRIZES after EVERY activity! In short, the Magic Party is so fabulous, parents need not worry about any Candy or Prizes! And can actually sit back, relax and enjoy watching their little one shine, as the Fairy Godmother convinces her birthday child that they are truly as amazing and as uniquely special as a true little Prince or Princess! Magic Party (recommended for children ages 5-10+) $160 for 10 Children $10 each additional child* (*recommended maximum 15 children* Includes: Special Introduction Magic gift from Elves Interactive Magic Tricks (variety) Puppetry/ Story Elf Surprises and Pranks Games & Activities (variety) Prizes (kazoos, slide whistles, magic pads, maze puzzles, slide puzzles, trick rings, etc.) Candy (lollipops, tootsie rolls, bubble gum, hard candies, etc) Multi-Colored Goodie Bags
    Magic Party Package
  3. Deluxe Party Package
    Deluxe Party Package Recommended for Ages 5 & up The Fairy Godmother personally guarnantees that any child who participates in the Deluxe Party will forever carry a smile in their hearts even when they reach 70 years old recalling that incredible time when their childhood was truly "Story Book" magical! After the Fairy Godmother's Special Magical Introduction, *which includes a "magical gift from the Elves" for the Birthday child*, the Deluxe Package creates an advernture that combines all the the ooo's and ahhh's and delightful laughter and silliness from the Glitter Party, with ALL the wonderous thrills and excitement, gasps, marvelous surprises, magic and fun games, plus prizes and candy from the Magic Party! In other words, the children not only each recieve colorful Balloon Animals, beautiful Glitter Paintings, the enchantment of Fairy Godmother Puppetry, and the very Special Magical Presentation of Magic Rings, PLUS have the time of their lives when the Fairy Godmother plays Games with them, dazzles all with her Magic, as well as being tickled silly over surprising "Elf Surprises" and of course, can't get enough of all the wonderful Prizes and Candy that fills their colorful Goodie Bags. And although it's hard to imagine such an already incredible party possibly being even more incredible?...the Fairy Godmother does indeed love to add icing on top of more icing! Hence as an added Bonus, the Deluxe Party offers the FREE addition of ... **** A Real Treasure Hunt*** (please see "Goodies" for detailed Treasure Hunt requirements) The best "over all" description of the Deluxe Party comes from the children themselves. and it always thrills the Fairy Godmother and parents to hear "Wow Mom!!...this was the best day ever!!" And yes, such comments are so common, that is exactly why Fairy Godmother Parties has become the best and most unique birthday celebration in the Triad! Deluxe Party Package (2 1/2 Hour) $220 for 10 Children $10/ Each Additional Child *please see consideration for recommendations on party size limitations* Deluxe Party includes: Special Introduction Magical Gifts from elves Games/Activities (Variety) Balloon Animal Sculpting Interactive Magic Tricks (Variety) Puppetry Glitter Paintings All Prizes (*please see Magic Party*) Lots of Candy (*again, see Magic Party*) Goodie Bags Special Presentation of Magic Fairy GodMother Rings
    Deluxe Party Package
  4. Add on Options
    Treasure Hunt *If you would like to include the Treasure Hunt with your child's Deluxe Party Package, in place of Balloon Animal Sculpting, simply Inform the Fairy Godmother when you Book your party! * Simply give the Fairy Godmother a list of 10-15 items around your home that the Birthday child is very familiar with such as "bathtub, fireplace, refridgerator, dryer, piano, oven, tread mill, TV, mailbox, swingset, soccer net, birdhouse, well as feel free to include more personal items such as a favorite teddy bear, bedtime story book, shoes, movie, game or even the family pets dinner bowl. (Just include a brief description of each "personal" item) The Fairy Godmother will then take your list and compile the "clue riddles" with difficulty levels dependant on the ages of the children involved. Upon the Fairy Godmother's arrival on the day of the party, she will simply leave a plastic bag sitting on the hood of her car containing 3 Items... 1) An envelope with the actual Clues 2) A list that states where to hide the clues 3) The Treasure Box (usually hidden in the Washer or Dryer) Once the party is in full swing, it is very easy for a parent or grandparent to slip out, retrieve the bag and hide the clues which generally takes only about five minutes or so ...(even if the clues are hidden in the SAME ROOM as the children, as the children will NOT be paying any attention to anything or anyone other than the Fairy Godmother!) The Treasure Hunt does not occur until towards the END of the party allowing MORE than enough time for leisurely clue hiding. (*You may want to use Sctoch Tape to stick clues in areas so they are not immediately noticable or do not blow away*)
    Add on Options
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Who is the Fairy God Mother?

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Fairy Godmother Children's Parties not only won the title of "Most Creative" in the  Greensboro Christmas Parade  but was  granted the honor of a Front Page picture in the Greensboro News and Record of her "Magical Elves who danced despite the rainy weather!" 

(The "elf" on the right is the Fairy Godmother's own wonderful daughter at 15) 

"Science has proven that the first 7 years of life is directly related to an adults happiness levels through out life"

When asked to explain why I would choose to become a Fairy Godmother in 1996 over my degree in Veterinary Medicine, I at first wrote pages and pages  trying to explain how I had come to realize how imperatively vital it is  for children to truly appreciate and respect themselves  in order to become adults fully capable of natural respect and appreciation for life.   However, I soon acknowledged that such elaborations were unnecessary,  since any parent who takes the time to research for their child's special day already completely  understands my love and adoration of those marvelous and all to quickly fleeting years of wide eyed wonder!  
Although I will forever miss the days when my own were small ,  I am able to relive that joy every time I set foot through the door as the "Fairy Godmother"! 
Regardless of whether or not you choose a Fairy Godmother Chidlren's Party, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a special type of parent!!  

If only EVERY Mom and Dad felt the same way about their child as you so obviously do?... I have no doubt our world would be filled with aLOT more "Happily-Ever-After's"!

 Warmly and Sincerely,
Mrs. Debi Leitner


...and speaking of  "Happily Ever  Afters!..."

                                                       The Fairy Godmother's Greatest Gift  
            Raising a child in this day and age is extremely difficult, to put it mildly!  ( regardless of being a Fairygodmother or not! ) 
             Only as  I watched my child  walk across the stage of Appalacian State University did it finally (for the first time)   sink in that the two of us had actually weathered the trials and confusion of childhood, the devistation of divorce, starting our lives over as a single parent family and even the turbulant trauma of teen years.  The  strangest impact of all being the full realization that my baby was actually an adult??   Only yesterday I had first held her in my arms and shed tears of joy and terror, overwhelmed by the daunting fact that nothing in my world or life would ever matter if my child's life was damaged somehow by all the constant and multiple temptations in the world.  Yet here she was,  ...truly kind, honest, wise beyond her years, self confident, and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  
            After the ceremony,  we met up outside to squeel and hug and toss her cap in the air again.  While waiting for our car, I thought to ask  if she'd decided where she was going on the Graduation trip she had recieved from a relative, for anywhere in the world of her choosing....happily  envisioning  her and one of her many fabulous  friends in Hawaii, or Paris,  or Tahati... 
              She hugged me even harder and  smiled as she looked in my eyes , and said something I will never ever forget for the rest of my life and will always cherish...
          "Thank you SO much Mom... for everything!!  I never could have done it without you!"     I was fighting back tears as  she beamed even brighter and continued...    "So guess what?... you and I are going to ROME!!" 
         At that point,  my heart did in fact burst .
             So to all parents who are struggling with the joys/heart ache and exhausting confusion of child rearing,....
........I offer the most important, single and solid piece of advice ...   

        As long as your child always, always KNOWS first and foremost and without question or ANY doubt,  how tremendously  they are loved , appreciated, respected and valued.... such  WILL see you BOTH through whatever life throws at you !

            Not only did we have the TIME of our LIVES  in Italy (HUGE understatement!!!)  but  later my daughter was  invited to go to Japan to teach English...and  once again, absolutely NOTHING prepared me for finding a two way ticket to Japan in the mailbox !!​ 
"A Fairy Godmother's Beliefs"
written by *The Fairy Godmother*
Childhood is for magic, but the years are never long...
Like fairy dust, they sparkle and then
"Poof" so quickly gone...
To be a child is magic, 
to believe in things unseen,
To be so filled with wonder that 
the world is full of dreams.
A child's heart hears the whispers 

of the fairies when they sing
And giggles with the tickle from      

a brush of fairy wings.
Small ears delight with laughter which  
 the elves make as they play.
And little eyes gaze past the walls 

where "Grown-ups" choose to stay.
Yes, childhood is for magic, 
Sadly such is not for long, 
Like fairy dust, it sparkles
 and too soon,

forever gone.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message. We aim to reply was soon as I can!